Direct To Garment

Our T-shirts are manufactured using a direct to garment process.


This is a comparatively new textile printing technique that prints an image directly onto a garment or fabric through what is essentially a modified edition of a conventional ink-jet printer.


Fast and Convenient and good for the earth.




  • Nature-friendly water based inks
  • No wasted shirts during setup process
  • No barrels of screen printing waste by-products
  • Very low production runs with less chance of obsolescence.


Do you know how your personal choices in who you buy from effect the environment?


Our policies regarding consumable materials are simple:


  • If you don't need it, don't buy it. It will just wind up in the trash.
  • If you buy it and don't use it, donate it to charity.
  • If you create waste during a production process, study the process until you can eliminate the waste.
  • If you still have waste, recycle it.


During the first three months of 2015, we recycled 10,000 pounds of materials that would have otherwise wound up in the landfill. Our goal for the next three months is to continue to reduce all waste by an additional 10%.

Our Shirts

It is our goal to utilize a primarily local labor force with little to zero imports.


We offer 16 t-shirt styles and almost all styles are made from USA yarn which is knitted and dyed in the USA. Our entire product line is cut and sewn in Baja California. Being mainly a local manufacturer, our product is predominantly NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) compliant.


We also offer a 100% Made in the USA men’s premium quality combed t-shirt. USA cotton, knitted & dyed in Orange County California – cut & sewn in Los Angeles! You will love them!


All our printing is done where we live, in the pristine Rogue River Valley in Southern Oregon. We employ local workers. We pay local wages. We donate a percentage of our t-shirt sales to the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation.


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