People Who Like To Work

We don't just like to work. We love it.


Management. Employees. Consultants and Contractors. All working together to provide you with the highest quality goods and services.


Dan, one of our production specialists, put it best when he said "Without taking care of our customers, where would we be? What type of a business would we have? They're everything!"


That's how we all feel. Every one of us. We each know that it's not about us. It's about you. We want to make what makes you happy. Satisfied. Content.


Gifts that are delivered on-time and with high quality.


Personal items that express who you are and what you're all about.

People Who Have Fun

Of course, we want to be around people that enjoy what they do. We want to have fun and be around other people who have fun.


Kevin, our Long Run Facility Manager, stated "What's fun about working here are the new challenges, learning new things and new ideas all the time. It's a good group of employees and the management team is good to work with.


Also, I love it when I get to turn a bad situation into a good one by giving 100% of my effort. It's rare, but when a customer doesn't get the results they expect, they will know for sure that I did everything possible on my part to turn it around and treat them the way I'd like to be treated."


We appreciate Kevin's professionalism and are very happy that we have him on our team!

A Work "Family"

The thing that makes us different is our long term employees have worked together for so long they're like family. They help each other improve. They push each other to do better. They all work for you, our customer.


Nicole, our Short Run Manager, says "I've worked for the company for 15 years now.  I keep working here because I feel at home here.  I like working here because it is very challenging and rewarding.  When I take care of a customer, I feel satisfaction knowing that they will keep coming back to us!"


Nicole instills this in all her employees with her positive attitude and enthusiasm. It's contagious with her staff, from the newest maintenance technician to the most experienced machine operator or customer service rep.


It's our employees that make all the difference!


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